When the music makes the movie

Music is just a simple word but it means a lot and different things for each person. Music is everywhere, we can hear it in many places and for different reasons. That’s why music exists also in movies, music is what makes a movie. Even back in the silent movies, music was necessary to the storytelling process. Music can turn a good movie to a great one. Music is the thing in movies which impact the audience. Can you imagine to watch your favourite movie without the music on it? For example, let’s take the movie of ‘’Titanic’’ which is one of the best romantic movies ever. The story in the movie is already sad and romantic. For instance, in the scene where the ship starts sinking and we as audience we have the feeling of sadness, suspense we don’t know what will happen, or at the end when Jack dies and Rose starts crying. In these scenes we listen to what the characters are saying and we have some feeling but what makes us cry is the music. Listening to this sad music of ‘’The heart will go on’’ and what Rose says to Jack we feel her pain and then we start crying. The music make the audience feel exactly the moment.

The ‘’words’’ or the scenes is not enough to understand the movie. If you think that better, when we watch something on the TV, and the phone is ringing, we answer and automatically we put the microphone down in order to listen the person who called us and not the TV. This, because the moment when the music will start on the TV, we focus on that and we don’t listen to the person who called us. Whatever we are watching the music is what it makes us feel the story. When we watch a musical movie we want to dance and the same happening in all the movies. Also all the horror movies have this suspense music and you expect to see something scary and you are hiding with the pillow to no see it. But if the music was not there you could just see the scene but you would not really get the scene’s emotion. You could say that okay is just a scary scene, and the start feel bored and sleepy.

Music is like a guide of the audience, following the music you get the point of the scenes in the movie. Without the music, movies would be boring. With the music you feel happy, sad, scary, angry and all the emotions that music gives you.


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