We will always have musicals

PAULA MATEO. We don’t really imagine a film without music because, in fact, the experience wouldn’t be the same. Sometimes we don’t know the songs are played in movies but we all remember at least one soundtrack, maybe our favorite. That one when you listen to, you not only remember the film but other feelings and perceptions come to you to say something.

If music has lot of importance in films today, can we imagine music in silent films? There are lots of theories that explain how music started to be used in the origins of cinema. Some authors have said that music was played to eclipse the film projector noise. Others have defended that music was played to get more comfortable experience or even to let the spectator be more involved in the film. However it may be, music was there, accompanying film through history, although they had a crisis period.

When the silence was broken with the voice in 1927 with The Jazz Singer, people couldn’t accept the importance of human voice in cinema. Music was always there but not so present as before. Singing in the Rain (1952) collect this film industry crisis perfectly. Cosmo Brown stop being the musician of the silent film, and the main actress, Lina Lamond, doesn’t have a beautiful voice to talk. What could be the solution? Doing a musical.

If music is important in cinema, in musicals music is the protagonist. The action of the film intensifies with a song, usually accompanied with dance. That is the most important drama action must necessary coincide with a song to obtain the public emotions. So, If music have always been there, maybe it’s just because without it, film industry wouldn’t probably exist.


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