Music and Science Fiction

Music is essential for life. The tone of a melody can change the way we perceive a moment, how we feel about something. That’s why film directors have used it since the beginning of film history, because it doesn’t matter the story, good music makes it more credible.

When we normally think about film music, we tend to think about musicals, drama or romantic films, because of the feelings that music tends to increase. Joy, sadness, love. But the power of music is incredible and never needs to be underestimated.

A good songwriter can make us feel the unimaginable. For example, that we’re traveling to the past, in the space, trying to search for another solar system to save the world, fighting against aliens or even meeting the dark force.

Yes, we’re talking about amazing science fiction film soundtracks, that have become iconic and have made us believe the impossible. Last year the web page about Science Fiction Scifilists published a ranking with the top 100 Sci-Fi Films, that is open for everyone to vote. The list below includes the  first three of the list, and other that aren’t inside but that I think they deserve a space there.

Blade Runner soundtrack, by Vangelis. 1982.

Vangelis composed a dark soundtrack, that combines classical composition and synthesizers, being regarded as an important piece in electronic music. It was nominated in 1983 for a BAFTA and a Golden Globe as best original score.

Star Wars soundtrack, by John Williams. 1977.

For the first episode of the saga, John Williams recorded its soundtrack during 8 sessions at Anvil Studios, in England,  with the London Symphony Orchestra, himself conducting. In 2005, the American Film Institute named the original Star Wars soundtrack as the most memorable score of all time for a U.S film. It won an Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and three Grammy awards.


Alien soundtrack, by Jerry Goldsmith. 1979

The music was performed by the National Philarmonic Orchestra, conducted by Lionel Newman. The music creates a dissonant soundscape that adds darkness and intensifies the atmosphere of the story.

Sunshine soundtrack, by John Murphy. 2007.

Murphy has also composed the music for two other films of the director, Danny Boyle, 28 Days later and Millions


Interstellar soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer. 2014

Zimmer began to compose the soundtrack for the film two years before its release. Christopher Nolan, the director, send him a letter detailing the film’s theme and asked him to work for one day on the music, then send him what he got. He did it, and he composed in just one night what Nolan calls the heart of the story. The soundtrack was nominated for an Academy Award and Original Score at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards


Passengers soundtrack, by Thomas Newman. 2016.

Thomas Newman, the author of the soundtrack, has been nominated 13 times for an Oscar, and has composed the soundtracks of Searching Dory, Skyfall, WALL.E and more.





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