The Atlas of Beauty

Every time someone says ‘’This woman is beautiful’’ or ‘’Oh my god, look at her, she is like a model, she is gorgeous’’ most of us automatically we imagine a thin, tall woman, with beautiful face and hair, and of course with great clothes, dressed like a ‘’fashion icon’’. Nowadays, I think each of us, trying to follow fashion we slipped out of what it means to be ‘’beautiful.’’ Suddenly, with all these social media, photos, edits, and fashions clothes, everybody, became expert and we see that all of them are dressed up exactly the same. Of course as a woman, I like fashion and I like to buy clothes but the key in all these is to follow fashion but to do it according to what you like and what looks ‘’good’’ on you. However, a beautiful woman, is not the one who only looks beautiful under the makeup and the stunning clothes, but the one you can see the natural beauty on her face.


A great woman photographer from Romania, Mihaela Noroc, she decided to travel around the world and take pictures of different women in each country in order to show the beauty of these ‘’normal’’ women. The last three years she travelled around 45 countries. Michaela wanted to capture with her photos the feeling of warmness and peacefulness which comes from the eyes of a woman and can balance sometimes the negativity we see in the media. Also, a lot of people face racism because of their colour, religion, or even because they are women. ‘’ I think beauty is diversity and it can teach us to be more tolerant.’’ Mihaela Noroc


Mihaela wants to keep taking pictures of the women and make ‘’The Atlas of beauty’’ an inspiration for people and show them that remain authentic is t the best. All of us without realise it we look and behave the same, just because we follow the global trends, but we don’t understand that every single person has its owns beauty. Beauty means to be different and have your own thing, trend, style, whatever that is. Anyway all the people always says for someone else that is beautiful, so we can’t be beautiful for all of the people but we still are for some others.


‘’Following fashion trends isn’t a must for beauty and dressing to reflect your culture isn’t a sin. In a sense, it’s about remaining true to your cultural roots and not sacrificing everything to the cold and uncaring fashion gods of Paris or New York.’’ Mihaela Noroc


Author: Myria Efthymiou


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