Mel Gibson: actor and director

Did you ever thought playing in a movie as an actor or be the director of that? Can you do and be good in both of the careers the same time? Through the ages we have seen many talented actors who became also movie directors and producers, but did they succeeded in all of their careers?

An easy example in these questions is the famous actor Mel Gibson who many people loved him as an actor in many movies. He is generally an action hero actor and he played in the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series. However, he did not win an Oscar as an actor but he won in 1996 the ‘’Best Picture’’ and ‘’Best Director’’ Oscar for the ‘’Braveheart’’ movie where also starred there. Moreover, he is nominated for this year’s Oscars to win the ‘’Best Achievement in Directing’’ and he could definitely win this Oscar as he is a great director. He might be an excellent actor and more famous to people for this job but probably he is better as director as he directed many movies and he succeeded to that.

Another very good example is of course the talented and handsome George Clooney who is a very good and worldwide famous actor but he is also director and producer of movies like Mel Gibson. George Clooney won the Oscar of the ‘’Best Motion Picture of the Year’’ as a producer and the ‘’Best Performance by an Actor Supporting Role’’ as an actor and he was nominated as director for the ‘’Best Achievement in Directing’’.

The two actors above are just a simple and easy examples of actors who became also directors as there are many of them who did or do the same. However, some of them they might do great in all of these careers but of course most of them they are successful in one of them. My personal opinion is that they can try to do all of these careers and see which one they like the most or in which of these they are better and just focus in one of these jobs. But of course there are many of them who can do great work in all of these. That reminds me when I say the name Jenifer Lopez, and I always make the same question, Is she an actress or a singer? Definitely both of them and she is amazing!

Furthermore, there are a lot of actors or directors who they just focus in one of these jobs and they had a great career in their life. A great example to this, there is of course an amazing woman, Katharine Hepburn. She might not be alive at the moment but she stays in our memories for being an amazing actress. Katharine focused on the career she loved the most and managed to nominated for many Oscars but of course she won 4 Oscars, in 1934, 1968, 969 and 1982 for being the ‘’Best Actress’’. Hepburn apart from a great actress she had a ‘’spirited personality’’ and she was the leading Hollywood lady for more than 60 years.

Author: Myria Efthymiou



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