Why is the movie La La Land nominated so many times?

Nominated for fourteen Oscars, won all seven categories it was nominated for at the Golden Globe Awards and received eleven nominations for the 2017 Bafta film awards. We’re talking about the movie La La Land. Apparently, this movie is special but why?

First of all, the songs in the movie proved quite popular. The soundtrack “City of Stars” has won a Golden Globe Award for ‘Best Original Song’ and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for ‘Best Song’. It is still nominated for the ‘Best Original Song’ at the 89th Academy Awards (Oscars). Even though Gosling and Stone aren’t considered as the best singers of Hollywood.

Secondly, critics are very impressed by the way La La Land was filmed, the so-called ‘Motion Picture’. The smooth camera moves, the soft cuts and the long shots in certain scenes were overall very appreciated. And besides that, the setting was called very impressive too. Only a few low-key reminders, like an iPhone, YouTube and a Toyota Prius, remind you that this movie wasn’t shot in the 1950s. But not only critics like the artistic side of La La Land. Over the years the Oscar Jury has shown to be a big fan of the ‘Motion Picture’ as well. In the last five years, the Oscars were won by movies such as The Artist, Argo and Birdman. These are all artist-centric films, just like La La Land.

And finally, the storyline of La La Land got many critics extremely enthusiastic. Within the four seasons of a year we get to know the love affair of Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress in Los Angeles and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) a jazz pianist. And probably the end of the story is the reason why it got nominated for ‘Best Screenplay’ so many times. Peter Bradshaw, the Guardian’s film critic, describes best why. “Perhaps the killer punch is the film’s ending, with its alternative-reality reverie: heart-wrenching, romantic, unbearably sad, yet in such a way that a retrospective glow of something like joy and hopefulness is projected on to the events that led up to it”.

If you add up these examples you probably understand a little bit better why La La Land is so popular. But on the other hand, not every critic is happy with the actor choice. As mentioned before, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone aren’t the best singers that Hollywood has to offer. The same goes for their dancing skills. But besides that, critics are overall likeminded: La La Land deserves a lot of awards because it’s good.


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