The magic of falling in love

The way people love has changed over the centuries. There were always different types of love as each person according to their character, shows their love differently. People fall in love every single day and in many different ways. They can fall in love without even realise that is happening that moment.  This is exactly what happened in Jojo Moyes’ book “Me before you” which also became a movie. The book is written of course in more details, however the movie is a good adaptation from the book with just few unimportant scenes missed.

This novel shows two young people that they didn’t imagine that they could fall in love for each other for many reasons. In one hand there is Will who after an accident he paralysed and can’t walk or move his hands and the only thing he wants is to die and on the other hand there is Lou who hired by his parents to take care of him but she doesn’t know at the beginning that he agreed with his parents to die after few months because he can’t live this way. At the beginning their relationship was bad as Will was rude and he didn’t cooperate with Lou. And suddenly this magic thing happened, they fall in love. And as the author said “What I want to convey with the story is that a disability is the least important part of a person. You can fall in love with them, be irritated by them, laugh with them — what someone is physically able to do should be unimportant.” (Kaufman, 2016)

Lou after she found out that Will want to die, she tries to take him in different places, and make him have fun to show him that even that he can’t do anything with his hands or legs there are many things in life that he can do and he deserves to live. “Push yourself. Don’t Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE.” This is exactly what Lou was trying to do but unfortunately she didn’t manage to change Will’s mind. However, what changed was that Will fell in love for the first time in his life for real and he died the way he wanted. He was happy. The love between Will and Lou was pure, strong and unconditional, something people can’t find easily. It is something that they can remember for their whole life so of course the heart is breaking apart when they lose their love of their life. (Moyes, no date)


Author: Myria Efthymiou

Kaufman, A. (2016), Los Angeles Times, 24/04/2016,

Moyes, J., (no date), Goodreads,




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