Modern Love

Love is one of literature’s oldest topics. Love is present in Plato’s writings, in The Bible, in Shakespeare’s plays. Jane Austen wrote about love, and so did Oscar Wilde. Stories about love and loss, love and betrayal, love and death; but love nonetheless. Love found, love lost and recovered; a structure that has become the most basic story line of romantic artRomeo and Juliet, Mr. Darcy and Elisabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester; literary loves that have made a profound impact on romantic literature. But nowadays they feel remote, out of reach, even distant. They describe a kind of love that we are not familiar with; maybe we understand its essence, but not its form. 

Technology has changed the way we see the world, the way we connect with each other, and also the way we love. In order to understand love literature in the 21st century, we must comprehend what shape modern love has taken first. And there’s a book that does exactly that. Written by Will Darbyshire, a 23-year-old British vlogger, This Modern Love is a love story about love stories. By asking six simple (simple?) questions, This Modern Love becomes the greatest love story of them all.

What would you say to your ex, without judgment? What would you like to thank your partner for? Can you sum up your love life with a single word? What single image can sum up your love life, your partner, or someone you like? What would you say to your crush if you had the opportunity? Has technology affected your relationship, either positively or negatively?

6 questions. 15.570 responses. Some, shy, hidden in anonymity. Others, more daring, confessing their identity without hesitation. Together, stories that, through letters, tweets and photos, provide a revealing portrait of modern relationships. This Modern Love is a book that has neither frontiers nor cultures, no age or gender. From teenagers to octogenarians, from Canada to Zimbabwe. Letters that come from nearly 100 countries around the world, each of them with a unique approach on love, and each of them with a particular language. Words from the heart that fill the blank pages of this red book. Confessions that successfully draw the essence of love in the 21st century. Because love can be defined in two pages, four lines or 140 characters. Because no matter if your heart is innocent, broken or occupied, the words of this book will sound as if they were your own. Because love may change in shape, but in essence, love is timeless.

Author: Sandra Sotillo (@ssotillocosta)


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